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Unexpected Error when My Requests filter results value greater than 10

By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

We have a consistent issue in our environment that when the My Requests results display value is greater than 10 the Approve/Reject tab throws an unexpected error in the UI. Currently the only workaround is to delete the browser cache and open a new session which resets the default display value to 10.

Has anyone experienced this and/or have a permanent workaround or solution?

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

I could not reproduce this.. Could you provide additional steps to reproduce? Might be better to open a case for this, as this will give me something to link the bug to.  Please attach website.log and websitemvc.log to the case. 

Also, what App Portal version are you using?  I'm not aware of any specific bugs or fixes in this area, but there could be a difference between versions.  FWIW, I also can't reproduce this, and I'm on 2021 R1 (latest release at time of writing).  I suspect this is more likely data-related than app version-related, but just covering all the bases.

Could it be that when you set the value to show more than 10 results, the results include a request with some "funky" data that gets excluded when limiting to only 10 results?  Are you able to reproduce the issue with only 10 results if you systematically go through and use the search by order number to return one specific result at a time, and then keep iterating through the list of orders until you hit the issue?

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@jdempsey @CharlesW This is App Portal 2018 R1. I haven't seen any bugs or fixes in the release notes. I am suspecting it is something in our environment. Maybe a setting in IIS needs to be increased for the timeout or something to allow the page to finish loading. The specific error in the log just states that the "Request Timed Out". I will run through testing it by incrementing by 1 until i hit the number that causes it. 

I have noticed and observed that sometimes it works when the display results value is set to 50 and other times it doesnt. I wonder if it has to do with the number of catalog items within a request. The display result I believe will display 50 "orders", but within that order you could have 6 or 7 individual catalog items that require their own approval. This could lead to a few hundred calls to get the current status of that request right?

No, we don't have any known (or fixed) issues with the My Requests page, at least within the last 5 years or so. Obviously, the "request timed out" would imply a timeout occurring somewhere.. I'd be inclined to believe that it was some type of SQL query timing out, rather than a setting in IIS. I think that your speculation that the size of the orders (the number of requests they contain) may be contributing, certainly has merit. Can you put in the complete stack trace for the "request timed out" (in website.log probably?) Perhaps that may tell me where the timeout is occurring. Just for fun, see if you can correlate the error with any recently updated log files (perhaps databasecalls_error.log).