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Increase Character Count for Approve/Reject Reason

By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

I'm looking to increase the character count for the Approve and Reject comment boxes if you select the checkbox for a request on the approve/reject view and select the recommendation.

I believe I found the option for the reject box in the \App Portal\Web\RequestDetails.aspx file under the section for  -- ID="RejectToolTip" and ID="txtRejNotes". I'm thinking if I increase the MaxLength to 5000 it would suffice. (We did this for the notes of a request.) Above this line I see a section for -- ID="ApproveToolTip" but there's not MaxLength parameter. 


Am I looking at the right section and if I add the MaxLength parameter to the approval section it might work, however; I don't see something like -- ID="txtAppNotes" that references the approval comments. Am I looking in the right file?



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I can't answer your question (maybe @CharlesW or someone from Engineering will be able to help), but I would highly recommend that you submit this in our Ideas portal, so it can be evaluated for inclusion in a future release.

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