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App Portal - License Required view

We are using AppV to deliver apps through App Portal and putting a dollar amount to licensed applications. When a manage goes to approve the request and looks at the details for the software it has a license cost of x amount but also has a licensed required and listed as "No". How do I change this option from "No" to "Yes". I assuming it is a check box somewhere but can't locate it. See attachment for a screenshot


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Have you integrated App Portal with FNMS? Typically, you need to associate the catalog item with a Flexera ID, and then select the "Check for license position during checkout" checkbox.. The following screen capture illustrates:


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I'll also point out that in the context of the screenshot you provided, the phrase "License Required" indicates whether an entitlement is available or not.  "License Required: No" doesn't mean that it's a freeware product or anything like that.  It simply means that there is already an entitlement available to fulfill the request.

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