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Encrypting Output Files?

Hi. I have a simple program that has a lot of movie files and images and other files. I have tried to make a simple installer and the output files were the same structure as the ones I put into the program. This worries me a little because the fil...

lostron by Level 2
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Workflow manager

Does anyone know if it is possile to link to ODBC data sources inside Workflow manager and if so how this is configured?Regards,Paul

Inabus by Level 6
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Help to Edit MSI to disable startup with windows.

I am editing an older MSI file (Cornerstone Big Monitor 3.0) and require it to be rolled out so as not to start up automatically everytime a user logs on.MSCONFIG shows the startup item as 'BigMonitor Software' and the command item is 'IMassist.exe' ...

LockPermissions INSTALLDIR

I am setting LockPermissions on the INSTALLDIR directory using a Group, the group is assigned Read & Execute, List Folder Contents and Read permissions. (Administators assigned Full Control). The following takes place when a standard user that is a m...

notes.ini location

Hello All,Here is the issue that I hope you could help me with :I already have Lotus Notes 6 installed on all machines in our office. Notes programs are located in C:\Program Files\Lotus\NotesData and notes.ini files are located in P:\Notes where P i...

Tinella by Level 2
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Regionalize the Package

How to Regionalize the Package, like same package to be used in different countires with minor modification...does any one is aware of any script like vb which can be used in such situation?

Conflict Solver - import error

I found a discussion relating the problem I'm seeing, posted here: issue I'm having is the same. I just upgraded from Adminstudio v7 pro to Adminstu...

Error: 1324

Hi,When i tried to launch the .msi application in user mode i am getting the following error. This error box will be on screen for 20 sec or so and then vanishes or if you click as OK twice on the error dialog box it vanishes and application launches...

Downloaded EXE Programs

I downloaded WINRAR and Adobe Reader. Both are EXE files that I want to make into MSI packages so I can distribute through Group Policies. I am new to this program and when I made the Adobe package it put what appears to be a launcher on my client ...

InstallShield Editor 12 SP1 for AdminStudio?

When we originally bought the AdminStudio product we were told it includes the same InstallShield editor you could license seperately. Since our purchase, we have yet to see any interim patches, hotfixes, updates, etc to the AdminStudio product other...

dem3tre by Level 3
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