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Templates in WFM

Thanks for the help on the WFM upgrade! So we have custom templates that I need to move/merge into WFM is this possible as well?

tictoc by Level 3
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Upgrading WFM 3.5 to 4.0 AdminStudio 7.5 to 8.0

Any tips hints on the upgrade process? The documentation is pretty thin on the upgrade side.Does the new install/upgrade put everything on one server now? We use two seperate servers WFM and AES.

tictoc by Level 3
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Need help for prerequisites

I'm newbie with AdminStudio and I have to repackage an application. I repackage it into a simple msi package but I don't understand which I can add requirements to my application. I need to add .NET Framework 2.0 and AcrobatReader 7.0. Plz help me!!I...

Blank String in a property field in an MST?

Hello,I'm using the Tuner to try and modify a MST for McAfee Antivirus 8.5. I want to change the value of a Property to a blank string. McAfee's instructions say to use PROPERTY="" when calling the installer from the command-line and this works, but ...

AdminStudio 8 and VMWare 6 under Vista

Hello,I'm having trouble getting the Repackager to launch a Virtual Machine. I go through the wizard and select the Virtual Machine, then when I try and launch it, I get a pop up from VMWare Workstation saying "Invalid option: /x".From the pop up win...

Best Practice

I am setting up environment for repackaging using adminstudio. I run a win 2000 sp4 clean image Virtual PC. But if I install adminstudio on win 2000 sp4, it will not be a clean environment anymore. What should I do to?

Adding a feature to an already installed app

We have Adobe Acrobat 7 that was installed with a transform created with Tuner 7. What I now want to do is to add a feature that we chose not to install originally, Word integration. I have AdminStudio 7, but I am not sure where to start on just ad...

lpagano by Level 2
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AdminStudio Enterprise Server Connection

Hello,i do have a problem to connect to AES. I installed it on an other server as the AS and after i checked all the settings i'm still not able to loggon with the ASAdmin/ASAdmin, sa/, ams_system/. Are there any known configurations i've overlooked?...

Urgent: Shortcut

Hi All, How to create package for .... Shortcut for directory under Start Menu\Programs "C:\program files\test" folder right click, drag & drop to C:\Documents and Settings\username\Start Menu\Programs & Select Create Shortcut Here.... Thanks SKJ