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Acrobat Standard 8

I am not able to pacakage Acrobat Standard 8
I have tried running the Repackager (Installation Monitory) remotely and pointing the setup.exe (D drive), wasn't able to create msi.
get this error in build.log

"Starting conversion
Creating Developer project: C:\Packages\acrobatwriter80\acrobatwriter80.ism
Reading repackager output file
Loading registry entries
Creating components for the files captured
Mapping registry information to the Advertising tables
Mapping typelib data from registry information to the TypeLib table
Mapping COM data from registry information
Mapping Application IDs from registry information and writing to the AppId table
Mapping ProgIDs from registry information
Writing to the Class table
Mapping file extensions and MIME types from registry information to the Extension and Mime tables
Mapping shell extension verbs from registry information to the Verb table
Writing to the ProgId table
Mapping application paths from registry information
Mapping environment variables from registry information to the Environment table
Processing .INI file changes and writing to the IniFile table
Applying merge modules
Creating directory folders and writing to the CreateFolders table
An unknown error occurred

Conversion stopped with 1 error(s) and 0 warning(s)."

I also have tried running the Repackager (Installation Monitory) remotely and pointing the setup.exe (C drive, copied the CD files on to Hard Drive), was able to create msi but when i ran the msi, it didnt install acrobat standard 8.

Can someone help me?
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Sounds like an exception is occurring during the build. When you successfully build a repackager project, what usually comes next is 'Writing unmapped registry information to the Registry table'. So, perhaps what's happening is related to captured registry data.

Here's what I'd try:

Start by excluding all registry data to verify that this is where the problem is. This (I think) will make it build successfully.

Next, try disabling the registry related mapping options in the Advanced Settings of the project.

Lastly, if all else fails, just start excluding things until you find a particular file or registry key that is causing the issue. I usually do this in halves--exclude half the files, check to see if it works, if so, do the same for that subset, etc.
Its a MSI so you shouldnt capture it, use the Adobe Customization Wizard