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Unable to add VNC Viewer (x64) in "Backlog" Tab

Hi Team,I was able to search/find application VNC Viewer (x86) through import wizard (package feed module), however when I try to add it to the backlog tab (because I'm going to set it to subscribe for automation) it can't find any matches in PFM?Che...

Solved Updating PowerShell App Deploy Toolkit - Bug?

Hi, I've followed the instruction on how Update powershell app deployment toolit. However the variable {UnInstallPackage} is n...

Backlog Automation/Package Feed Module Downloads

Hi Team,Hope everything is good :).I have a question. I have used Backlog/PFM to automatically download the installer and its works wonders for our automation.Our automation is composed of 3 components Backlog/Package Feed Module, Connector (bridge b...