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OCX files missing

Hello All,I am using AdminStudio 8.0 / Repackager 8 to repackage an application called Voyager (used in libraries). There is only one file in the native Voyager install and that is VoyagerInstall.exe at 17MB. If I open the exe with winrar the followi...

iskyfly by Level 2
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Registry Key Fails to Install with package (lock on key)

I am working on a vendor supplied MSI and attempting to edit the permissions on a registry key to allow 'users' full control. This is to enable managed users to set the docking on a toolbar.HKLM\Software\Cornerstone key is present in the package b...

Creating transform for Autodesk Inventor 8 hangs the Tuner

Dear fellow reader,Iam trying to make a response transform from Autodesk's Inventor 8 and it hangs the Tuner...After the last wizard screen it just stays there instead of giving the small message that the transform has been created...No response...Ki...

"DemoShield Runtime Error" Problem when installing

Hi AllI appreciate that this isn't strictly what is requirred on this forum but I hope that someone can help me as I'm stumped.Whenever I put an installation disk into my machine, I get an error saying "DemoShield Runtime Error have detected a Proble...

ant_jone by Level 2
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.ini file issue

I have an .ini file that I am copying using installshield. Here is the problem;When the application launches it automatically creates the same .ini file and overwrites the one that I copied during the installation. How can I stop this behavior using ...

Compare to WISE ?

We have been using WisePackage studio for the past 5 years, but are now looking at other products. Has anyone here switched from WISE or can compare the software to AdminStudio ?Thank you.

DWiggins by Level 2
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Hi allI have created a transport file via adminstudio, this works fine and installs correctly under a admin user. But when I try to install it with a user it fails with a 1603 error. I've tried everything on the zen side so i'm pretty sure its someth...

How to: Install files in My Documents

Hi,I need to deploy an MSI that would copy files under the My Documents folder. I need the MSI to execute for each user connecting to the computer, like when you start MS Office applications the first time.Can anyone tell me how to do this please ?I...

bertilh by Level 5
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Strange Error 1324 on German Install

Hi all...I am trying to debug the German language version of one of our installers, but the error message does not seem to be telling me much:SI (s) (60:F0) [15:07:44:475]: Transforming table Error.Aktion gestartet 15:07:44: CostFinalize.MSI (s) (60:...

Encrypting Output Files?

Hi. I have a simple program that has a lot of movie files and images and other files. I have tried to make a simple installer and the output files were the same structure as the ones I put into the program. This worries me a little because the fil...

lostron by Level 2
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