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Package install...

Lately i've had a few packages that I create in my build environment lockup my build machine and then generate a "KMODE_EXCEPTION" BSOD. Is there anything in particular I should look for? These have been small regular packages such as Winzip 8.1 SP...

BCM4309 by Level 8
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Acrobat writer 5 AccCheck.api

I have repacked Acrobat 505 writer. Everything is fine except on the end of install i get error 1911 can't register plugin.D:\Apps\Adobe\acrobat 5.0\acrobat\plugins\AccCheck.apiwassat then? Anyone know what this plugin does?If i ignore it, as i am p...

% in a registry value = no repack?

D:\apps\SECUDE\PSEMAN~1.EXE "%1"that is the original entry made by the installer from company[!psemanagement.exe]this is what repackager converts it to.why does the developer/repackager convert this? i would require that the first line be copied digi...

Add button problem

(Excuse my bad english)I publish in Active Directory one package that I have made with Install Shield. After I install the application through "Add/Delete programs" in control panel, the button "Add" continues enabled, and the application continues a...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Repackaging SQL Personal 2000 using AS3.5

I am repackaging SQL Personal 2000 for inclusion into an installation with an application that relies on a particular configuration. For now, it's safe to assume that SQL is not already present on the system. I am hoping that someone here has alrea...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Repacking ??'s .. Can AdminStudio do this?

I'm currently using InstallShield Developer to create a setup for internal use and I'm looking to repack a few 3rd party installations and kick them off in my current setup.Can AdminStudio capture services being created? One of the ones I'm trying t...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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shortcut trailing \ in work dir

hi all,i have a shortcut with a working directory d:\apps\cwinII\i do not want it to append the trailing \ as it is a 16 bit app and this causes problems. The shortcut working dir in developer is set to [INSTALLDIR] and i install the msi with :msiex...

Application isolation

What about nt4? is isolation not supported under NT4? all other OSES are mentioned except nt4...not even a "hard luck sucker" kinda thing. just not mentioned ;()

.msi in .exe format...

I have several software packages that I need to customize that use the Windows Installer but are in a .exe format. Is there anyway to customize the installation with a transform? SAP 6.2C2 & Visio 2000 are two in particular.Thanks,Bryan

BCM4309 by Level 8
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Error 1628 : Failed to complete installation

I know that many people are getting this error. I'm getting this one when I build a simple InstallScript MSI Project. The content of this project can be resumed to this :One feature called DefaultFeatureOne component called DefaultComponentOne text f...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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