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Creating a Custom Config Transform

I'm not sure how to do this, or how BEST to do this. I want to install an application, in this case Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 (which nicely enough is a vendor supplied MSI). AFter the installation I want to make some customizations to the application....

Setup and running

Hello all. I am new to the repackaging arena so forgive my lack of knowledge. I have a question. I have a clean PC that i want to run the repakcage wizard from. I am testing Admin Studio 5. The documentation says to run the setup.exe from the C:\Prog...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Digital Signatures

Just curious. Someone told me it was possible..but I never bothered to listen to how..I have a local digital certificate issuing server in our WAN. I want to sign my MSI packets and use the ADS to say that only signed MSI packages may be installed. d...

Adminstudio 5 & VMware

The VMware Repackaging Wizard does not display any virtual machines. I'm running WMware 3.1.1 build 1790.Is there a way to fix this?Regards,Rene

Peerke by Level 6
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dialogs on tuner

i am currently using adminstudio 3.01. i'm trying to create a transform for acrobat 6 pro. i'd like to turn off some dialogs, however, there's no subfolder "dialogs" under application configuration. did i miss something or i'm just using a lower ...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Office 2000 Transform

I am trying to apply a Office 2000 Transform through SMS but have been unable to type the correct syntax in the command line. Has anyone on this forumn no the correct syntax? Any help would be appreciated. I have had luck silently installing Offic...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Error 1401 when deploying a snapshot MSI

I am consitently getting Error 1401 when trying to deploy a snapshotted legacy application that has been converted to an MSI using AdminStudio 5.0 SP1. The package is being deployed in system context and works when installed as a Domain Administrator...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Adobe Type-1 Font deployment

Has anybody experiences in deploying adobe type-1 fonts and selfregister them. I have no problems doing it with truetype-fonts but with adobe type-1 fonts. will be pleased for any ideas ...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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QualityMonitor Reporting

Does anyone know of a way to generate more comprehensive reports from QualityMonitor? Pass/Fail is great but I would like an error code and the comments I entered. FYII am throwing this into the InstallShield feedback loop.

Repackager - New to this

I am a newbie to repackaging and I am just trying to repackage what I thought would be a simple application. But when I run the repackager (mapped to my development machine) in my test environment through vmware it tells me that it cannot complete t...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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