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Has anyone successfully packaged Console One? I'm not repackaging it but am trying to create a basic .msi (creating the components myself through the wizard). I get an error stating "this application has failed to start because jvm.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." I have to click through 6/7 of those messages and then finally force close Developer 8.01 SP2. JVM.dll is apart of the package i'm attempting to build. I don't know why i'm getting this particular message. Anyone know what is causing this issue?

I do have a ticket open with Installshield but haven't got far with it. Developer doesn't create the iside.log they are looking for since it never really crashes. I've let it sit more then an hour and nothing, task manager doesnt report any activity for "isdev.exe" while it's in this state.

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Whenever you add files via the component wizard, Developer will try to extract the COM information for the DLL's and EXE's. EXE's would have to be launched to determine the COM information. I believe that when Developer is trying to launch one of the EXE's that EXE is unable to launch and crashes Developer.

In order to solve this problem:

1. I would recommend that you add NON exe files via the component wizard.

2. Then in the Files View, add the EXE's files and then you should be in business.

Let me know whether this solves your problem.
I added all of the files/folders except the one that has the main executable (consoleone.exe) using the component wizard without experiencing the problem. The issue I have now and have seen this before is all of the components have a little red exclamation point on the bottom left of the component icon. I get the following error when I attempt to build:

ISDEV : warning -1527: No files are included in the project.
ISDEV : warning -6122: No components are included in the build.

I clearly have components in the components view (with little red !).

What is wrong with the components?

Can you please send me the ISM file so I can analyze the problem better?
Alaks Sevugan,

Here you go...

Components have a little red exclamation since none of the components are attached to features.

In a MSI installation, you need to create features and tie the components to features for the installation to work. In your situation, you have added the components to the project but not ties them to any feature.

To solve this issue, go to the setup design view, choose Insert components from the right click menu and select all the feautres to be tied to the Console one feature....and viola the red marks will disappear and the build warnings will go away.

Let me know how this works for you.