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Installation of AdminStudio 5.0 and SMS

Has anyone distributed the 5.0 product via SMS? I am trying to figure out the best way to do this. Setup.exe or straight msi?

Thanks. Jennifer
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if you are using sms 2.0 or later the easiest way is always direct MSI. however there seems to be a problem if the command line is longer than 256 characters?? I assume this is a throwback to the "good" old days. if you intend to distribute it including command line parameters i would recommend using a program such as AutoIT ( or vbscript to create an install routine. I do not know if this problem is related to us having NT4 machines still in our domain or if it is from SMS. it may also be gone completely in sms 2003. have not tested this yet.

obviously you can also use a pdf to define installation rules.