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repackaging with Vmware

Hi thereI recently saw this option in repackager. I already have some machines in vmware.i click the vmware repack wizardit shows none of machines in my vmwareso i start vmware and open the machine i wantthen repack sees the machine but says its in u...

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cannot copy source error -1007 UserProfile/USERPROFILE

Hi there,I'm trying to convert a packaged application to an MSI.When I do I receive an error Conversion stopped with 1 error.The error is -1007 Cannot copy source o:\packages\callpilot201\USERPROFILE\ to targeto:\packages\callpilot201\Us...

Developer ???

Hi All,I have Admin Studio v5.0. What I need to do is simply copy 2 folders and several files into C:\WINDOWS. How can I easily place these files/folders into an .MSI Package, so that I can send them out remotely ??? THANKS !!!!----- BRIAN -----

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Hello: I have made a package of Nero6, except that when I launch the installation of nero by my MSI package,I have error message "the service Windows Installer cannot update the system file C:\WINDOWS\System32\mpg4dmod.dll because the file is protec...

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System Search

InstallShield DevStudio provides the Windows Installer capability in the System Search view to locate a particular file, folder, registry key, or .ini value on a target system prior to installation. I am using the System Search feature as a install c...

Build errors

I get the following two errors\warnings when building the msi package. Can these safely be ignored?1. A non-advertised shortcut must be created for WINZIP.HLP in folder [ProgramMenuFolder]WinZip. Autorepair cannot be enabled for this shortcut.2. Und...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Moving shortcuts.

I have repacked something and now I need to move the shortcuts to a different location (I.e add another folder to the path. I cannot drag and drop the old folder into the new one. I can only delete it when I go into the directory table!! As soon as i...

Extracting Icons.

I have found that I cannot extract Icons from a 16bit exe? Is this normal? The shortcut menu allows me to browse to the exe file and select an Icon from the index, but at build time it carries an error that "cannot extract Icon with index 0 from xxx...

Repackaging Adobe Acrobat Writer 5.0.5

Hi All,I have repackaged Adobe Acrobat Writer 5.0.5 with Admin Studio in Windows Installer format (.msi). When I install my package interactively, everything installs and functions properly. However when I publish my package through the Active Direct...

Repackaging Complex Applications

The application is complex because it is a collection of 4 setup.exes. One of which contains an embedded msi. My question is there any best practices for repackaging complex applications like this? At my company we have a policy of not repackaging ve...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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