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Tracking executable question

All, I have a need to insert an executable into a common folder for every package I am making for my current client. All this executable needs to do is pop-up a message box that identifies the program name, the version of the package (i.e. of the package was modified for any reason) and give a "Don't delete me" warning. Here is the issue with that, I need to be able change this message from within the template (ism) for each package...and if possible I would like to avoid using isscript to keep from having to laod the engine on every machine. Thanx for the help, and if I need to be more clear I will answer any questions... Mike
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If I understand what you are trying to do...
You could have the install populate a INI/registry value. Then your exe could just pop that value. Since you can ovewrite the INI/Registy values in the ISM that might solve your problem.
Thanx for the info, but due to what has been tasked to me so far what I have is a vbscript with a message box with the warning wrapped in package for the web. The exe needs to be named the same as the program installed, and pop up a message that basically says what program and what package version. That idea would work if not for the fact that the exe needs to share the name of the package. Thanx again...