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AdminStudio 5.5 Repackager ???

After completeing a capture and building the .irp file the program is no longer launching islc.exe to convert that irp into an ism. I had been using 5.1 and this occured without issue, now since installing 5.5 it no longer functions. This is occuring consistantly in a VMWare 4.0 build capture machine. Can anyone help? Thanx in advance...Mike
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same behaviour here

i prefer it this way

copy the project to the dev box and finish it there
The only reason I do not do that is so I can run a setup intent scan and the files it needs it will actually bring into the project. Some projects (small ones only) I do actually build the ism on the dev box, but most smaller ones I run setup intent, apply my template, and build only the ism in the vm session.