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error 1334

hi, i am getting error that index1.idx1 can not be installed because the file can not be found in the cabinet file there is either a network error or CD-Rom error or the package is not proper. when i open my i can not fin...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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opening transform package

hi ,any idea why it doesn't prompt me to select the msi file after the 2nd time i try to edit with devstudio ?

locked down environment

Can someone help me please? I have an application that is creating a temporary file in the root of C when it is launched. Of course as an Admin it has no problem but as a user in a locked down environment it does not work. I tried to go around by cre...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Adobe Acrobat install

I am trying to install Adobe Acrobat Professional through Group Policies. I am able to do this but when I try to use it, the program says I do not have a valid license. I had created an mst file for this install and have applied it. In it there is...

Problem with rights?!?! Or is this a Bug?

Hello,I have a problem with rights on an Windows XP OS System.Some Files (e.g. master.cfg) I added manually via the InstallShild can´t be accessed from "Power User" or normal "user" they got the message:"Access is denied." after the Installation with...

InstallScript Engine Missing

I am working with the Dell Open Manage MSI that was extracted from the setup file they provided using the /A switch. When you try to run the MSI it comes up with the Install Script Engine is missing. How can I get this added to the MSI so I can depl...

Removing cached files

If i allow the Installer to put a cached MSI into downloaded installations and then remove the MSI the cache remains. I assume a custom action is required to remove it on uninstall. I don't want to use VBScript it is..or is there another...

Repackager and Merging 2 ISM projects

I have a repackaging project I am working on that involves creating a single MSI with 4 feature trees from 4 repackaged MSIs. My idea was to simply create the feature trees in a new MSI and use the export component feature on each component from the ...

Legacy Conversion - SMS Installer

I am trying to establish how good AdminStudio is at converting SMS Installer packaged apps to MSI format.What "hit-rate" does it have at this conversion in practice and what do we need to watch out for. Any advice is appreciated.Many thanks

Darrat by Level 3
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Very New to AdminStudio 5.5

Hi, I've been trying out the test drive version for a couple weeks now.Any tips for packaging up MS Office 97 Pro? I'm having a pretty hard time making a working MSI package to deploy via group policy from a Win2k server.I have gotten a few small ap...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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