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Help me - Internal Error 2343

Hello,I have a big problem...With InstallShield i made a msi package.With installshield the package work very good.No error messages.But when i go install in other pc appear this message: "Internal Error 2343", and not install application.Help me ple...

How to force a reboot at end of installation

Hi Everyone,I'm curious as to how to force a reboot at the end of a package. I've tried adding the property REBOOT=FORCE and also the Schedulereboot action, with no luck. Obviously I am doing something wrong, does anyone have step by step isntruction...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Tuner - ICE38

Hi ,i created a transform file using Tuner , can't figure how do i resolved this ice38 error , appreciate anyone could advise ....seem like help on Tuner is still very limited ....ICE38 ERROR Component CST_COMPONENT installs to user profile. It must ...

VB Script Experts Pls

In the Registry, the value for SiteID must be a unique number on each machine. THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXAMPLE. ONLY ONE MACHINE CAN HAVE THE VALUE "1".[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\EyeOnn\Eentry\Comppany]"SiteID"="1"How do i take care of this ?????Ur s...

Other forums to try

Hi Guys and Gals,Just to let you know, I find this forum to be quite slow, and a lot of the time I don't get any response. There are other forums around though, I use and find it excellent, though specific adminstudio questions migh...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Positions available in Dallas, TX and Houston, TX

We have 4 open positions for setup developers with STRONG repackaging skills in Dallas, TX and Houston, TX.This is a very large project for a major corporation and it requires a minimum of 2 years doing setup development AND repackaging.It is also be...

LewisQ by Level 2
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Add /Remove after Major Upgrade

I packaged Winzip 9.0 to MSI, added a Major upgrade during development, this is to upgrade Winzip 8.01 to 9.0. During the development, I generated a new Package Code, Product Code and kept Product version 9.0.Then, added a "Major Upgrade Item" with ...

jotobax by Level 3
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Different DSN based on OS

I'm a newbie to AdminStudio and have a question.In developing a pagkage in DevStudio is there a way that I can specify two different DSN's using two different drivers based on the version of the OS?What I'm needing to accomish, if the workstation is ...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Self Healing - OCX and version changes

The scenario: Install application yyy with an MSI. The shortcut to yyy.exe is an advertised shortcut. The file xxx.ocx is installed as version and is the key file for the MSI component xxx.ocx and in the same feature as yyy.exe.If I delete xx...

Lotus Notes R5

Has anyone repackaged Notes R5? If so to what extent did you automate the install?Thanks,Bryan

BCM4309 by Level 8
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