Why Am I Getting Reminder Emails about My Support Cases?

Why Am I Getting Reminder Emails about My Support Cases?


Every few days I get reminder emails about some of my open support cases. Why?


When a support case is waiting on a response from you, our customers, we send out automated emails to remind you that we are waiting for more information or a reply.

There are two types of these emails, one that mentions that support is waiting on a reply or more information, and one that asks if the proposed solution solves the issue and if the case can be closed. Both of these emails are reminders that the support case is still open and that something is required from you.

We currently send 3 reminder emails, with a 4th indicating that the case will be closed due to lack of response. If you are still working on gathering the requested information or need more time to test a proposed solution you can safely ignore the first two emails.
If a case does close due to a lack of response the case can be reopened either by responding to the emails or re-opening the case in the Community.

You can find an example of one such email below:

Hello {NAME},

I wanted to follow up with you and let you know that I’m still awaiting your response in regards to this support case. It’s been a few days since I have heard from you, and unfortunately, without the additional information requested, I cannot proceed further on this case.

Please reply back to this email if you still require additional assistance.

For complete case information, please log into the customer community using the following URL: {Personalizted URL to the support case in the Community}



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