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Vendor Name in Reporting on the License modules

On which Tab in License  Properties is Vendor name selected from? I have the vendor name noted in the Purchases Tab in the license properties, but when I run a custom report I created, Vendor name is not populating. Is that field pulling from a different area in license properties? If so which one?  Thank you

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@mdh7768 - For a Purchase in ITAM, there are two separate fields that link back to an entry in the All Vendors view.

At the PO Level, there is the Vendor field.  This identifies the name of the vendor you purchased the PO from and is normally your software reseller (SHI, Insight, CDW, SoftwareONE, etc.)

At the Item level, there is the Publisher field.  This identifies the software publisher of the item you are purchasing and would have values such as Microsoft, Adobe and IBM.

Hello. I may not have worded the question correctly. When you create a custom report and select all of the options under licenses, there is an option called "vendor". All of the information comes from the tabs within the license properties. On the purchase tab, I show the vendor (using the field name in the flexera report). However when I run a report, this option is not showing. Where, within the license properties is "vendor" pulling from since it is not using the data in the purchases tab. See pictures.

OK, I see what you mean now.  Honestly, I have no idea what that Vendor object refers to for a License as nothing like that exists.  The Vendor Name displays a blank value for all of my licenses.  

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The internal database schema holding details of license records contains a field identifying a vendor for each software license. This field is exposed in the "Vendor name" column that can be included on the license object in reports.

However I can't think of anywhere in the UI that this particular field is exposed to actually populate data in to, so as such I expect you will indeed find the field empty in normal usage of Flexera One ITAM.

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