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Targeted Inventory Agent Auto-Update capabilities

My organization has plans to deploy inventory agents to its on-prem and cloud servers. One of the issues that we get from internal server owners is that they have to actively manage all agents that are installed on the VMs/Servers. It's also worth mentioning that auto-updating capabilities for inventory agents will be disabled by default. Does Flexera One have capabilities that allow for targeting the auto-update of inventory agents for specifics devices? IE, servers/VMS. Blue sky scenario is that we can target groups of servers/vms for auto-updating the inventory agents without the need to involve server owners. Is this possible?

An additional question, is does the inventory agent require any kind of system restart/reboot after installation/upgrade? This will greatly affect our ability to target (if possible) machines for auto-updating agents.

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Yes, the auto-upgrade functionality has support for defined targets of devices to upgrade: