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By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

IT Visibility has released a new backend that provides scalability and performance improvements. With this upgrade customers also gain access to the following new capabilities:

  • Software Vulnerability Enrichment Pack (optional)
  • Hardware Specifications Enrichment Pack
  • Open Source Enrichment Pack
  • Private Catalog
  • Device and Software Data Mashup
  • Complete Visibility into Hardware and Software Evidence
  • Upgraded CSV Export
  • Ability to Determine How Many Versions Behind a Software Release Is
  • Calculate Lifecycle Dates

New Features

Software Vulnerability Enrichment Pack (optional)

Software Vulnerability Enrichment Pack and Dashboard provide enriched content on vulnerability and threat intelligence associated with normalized inventory, offering valuable insight into security risk. This capability is now optionally available in IT Visibility.

Hardware Specifications Enrichment Pack

Hardware Specifications Enrichment Pack enhances Hardware inventory in IT Visibility with additional data, including data which can be used to support sustainability use cases.

Open Source Enrichment Pack

IT Visibility has been enhanced with the ability to identify open source software components. This can be used for a better understanding of licensing, or vulnerabilities and security risks associated with Open Source Software.

Private Catalog

IT Visibility now supports more holistic inventory reporting with the addition of Private Catalog capability. Inventory evidence in IT Visibility can be mapped to custom catalog records, so customers can see and manage hardware and software that is important to their business, but is not included in the Technopedia catalog, such as in-house built applications.

Device and Software Data Mashup

With the addition of Data Mashup, it is now possible to augment IT Visibility inventory data with non-discoverable business context data to produce custom insights and reports.

Complete Visibility into Hardware and Software Evidence

It is now possible to review and understand the results of Flexera’s Normalization process with the addition of access to Hardware and Software evidence data. This data is provided with match counts overall, and is aligned with normalized results where applicable.

Upgraded CSV Export

The complete inventory CSV Export available from IT Visibility UI has been upgraded to include the new datasets included with the backend upgrade.

Ability to Determine How Many Versions Behind a Software Release Is

IT Visibility customers are able to determine how many versions behind the latest available version a particular installed software release is, so that N-1 (or N-x) software management can be accomplished.

Calculated Lifecycle Dates

Calculated Lifecycle supplements our research-based dates by doing dynamic calculations on the dates for a particular release based on existing dates from other related release. These calculations provide additional datapoints to our customers who need to have explicit dates in their EOL management use-cases, while at the same time still maintain the transparency that they are calculated dates, not actual dates based on research/curation. This capability is now available in IT Visibility exports and reporting.

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