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What is the criteria for Inactive Employee status?  Is an employee marked inactive based on data received from customer (us), or are employees determined to be inactive employees based on any criteria such as non-use for a certain period of time?

I'm having a hard time understanding how Activity Status = Active, but Employee Status = Inactive.  After doing random review of records, I'm finding some of the inactive employees are in fact active.  



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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

What type of record are you looking at in Flexera One here?

If you are looking at the status on Flexera One ITAM user records, then that would typically either be set by a business adapter (if it is automated), or by somebody manually making a change to a user record in the UI. You can get further insight into when and what user account made a change to the status if you look at the "History" tab when viewing the user record:


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By Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

Thanks Shelby for your question. 

If you are referring to SaaS Management, employee status and SaaS application user activity are two different values. 

Employee Status

In the SaaS Management All SaaS Users screen, there is a column titled Employee Status.

The values Active, Inactive, or Disabled are based on your organization’s HR Roster.

A user can be Inactive under the following circumstances:

  • User was once present in the HR Roster data from the HR provider, but no longer is.
  • User is still returned in the HR Roster list, but the HR provider has specified an “Inactive” date. This scenario will vary among HR providers as not all of them provide a user’s inactive date to SaaS Management.

At this time, the value Disabled is only available for Azure. Your organization can apply the circumstances for using this employee status in Azure. An example could be for users who are on a long-term leave.

This explanation is found in the Flexera One Help section: All SaaS Users Screen Columns 

SaaS Application User Activty

In SaaS Management, the user activity values are active, inactive, and never active. 

Inactive user activity is defined as the user has not used the SaaS application in more than 60 days or per your organization’s Setting Activity Thresholds. 

This explanation is found in the Flexera One Help section: Common User Activity Terms Found in SaaS Management Help 


You can have an actively employed user, but the user hasn't used the SaaS application in more than 60 days.

I hope this information helps. 

I am aware and understand the differences in the two fields.  I still cannot wrap my head around how an employee status is inactive yet, they have ACTIVE USE (current) of a product.  Based on this information, our roster would be inacurate as I see records from 2 days ago that show Active Status = Active, yet my employee is Inactive, indicating to me it is a roster issue.  Will check further internally.