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IBM VPC license consumption - possibility to calculate consumption per VM only?


Is it possible to to calculate consumption for IBM VPC licenses based only VM allocated cores - combined with frequent agent PVU scans?

Currently VPC license consumption is not calculated unless a host for the VM is enabled as well even though host cores would not contribute to the consumption.

BR, Antti

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Community Manager

I'm not sure if there will be a way to have the system calculate PVUs consumed by a VM without a known host. The PVU calculation needs to consider the host and other VMs running on the host in order to make an informed decision about how best to do the calculation. While you as a human may be able to do the calculation by hand, if Flexera One ITAM doesn't have the VM-host relationship information then I don't think it will be able to automate the calculation for you.

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Hi @ChrisG , that is the conclusion I've come to regarding PVU licences, but VPC licensing should not be dependant on the host as it can be run in full compliance on per-VM basis based on the allocated vCPUs on the VM. We awould need to somehow tackle VPC licensing scenarios on public cloud setups where it is impossible to retrieve VMware/Hyper-V vm-host-cluster relations. To my humble knowledge, there is no rule preventing VPC licensed VMs to be run in public cloud in full compliance.