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Which data from the ComplianceComputer_MT table is shown in the "All Inventory" view?

Hello, I noticed that there are rows in the database table ComplianceComputer_MT with ComputerNames that I cannot find back in the "All Inventory" view in FNMS. I am wondering why that is. Is there some kind of criterion that keeps some records out of the view?

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Hi Bleepie,

In FNMS, the information displayed in the user interface (UI) in the "All Inventories" view is retrieved from an internal staging table named [Grid_ComputersListModel_PC_MT].

Data in this staging table has a low level of normalization. The purpose of the staging table is achieving a good performance, even if with high volumes of inventories.

Data from the [ComplianceComputer_MT] table are syncronized with the [Grid_ComputersListModel_PC_MT] staging table on a regular basis. However, there is no easy way to see how this syncronization is triggered.

If you want to enforce these two tables to be syncronized immediately, you can execute the following stored procedure:

exec [dbo].[SyncTable_Grid_ComputersListModel_PC]


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Community Manager

The ComplianceComputer_MT table indeed does contain more records than are shown in the "All Inventory" grid. Some examples of the types of records you would find in the table in the database that are not visible on the "All Inventory" grid are:

  • Records with a status of "awaiting inventory" - that is, "dummy" computer records associated with asset records where there is no associated inventory
  • Records with a status of "archived" - that is, records for computers that used to exist and contributed to IBM PVU license consumption, but that no longer exist
  • Records representing remote devices
  • Records representing containers
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