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I cannot find the field "Device Role" when trying to filter through a view or a report ( )


When I go to "Discovery & Inventory" -> "All Inventory" -> Some Host

There is a Device role for each host (Production, Test, Development, Training etcetera).

I want to filter my "All Inventory" view or create a report that can find me computers based on their device role. But I cannot find it in the filters. Does it even exist and if so where do I find this? The referenced database tables are ComplianceComputerRole and  ComplianceComputer_MT.

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

You may have to use the column chooser (3 vertical lines button) but on the All Inventory page the field is named Role.

In the report builder, there is a Role item as part of the Inventory Device object.

By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


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