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Looking for a sku : JMP 16 from SAS institute


I'm trying to know the licence sku for the software SAS version 16, frm SAS Institute.


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I would recommend going back to the vendor (or SAS Institute) to make sure that you're using the SKU that you actually purchased to process the PO and correctly represent your entitlement in the solution. (I quickly Google searched and found a couple of SKU's representing user licenses, but I won't copy them here as I wouldn't trust that you've acquired your entitlement using either...)


Hi John,

thanks for the reply. However, when I asked Flexera Support, I was told that "We do not have SKUs for ‘SAS JMP Pro 16’ from our SKU library at present. We could not even find the SKUs from vendor or public documentation.".

So I am curious to see what you found on Google as skus, because SAS do not use sku for their product (according to my account director).




I'll send you the link offline...


Thanks a lot John, it worked !

Have a great day!