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When we will have an agent that will be compatible with macOS 11 (Big Sur)?

New Flexera Agent would be required for macOS11 or not?

If yes, Any update on planned date of release ?

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As Mac OS 11 (Big Sur) hasn't been released yet it's difficult to say when the FlexNet inventory agent will officially support this version of Mac OS. Flexera normally adds support for new OS' with a new version of FNMS, so the earliest version of FNMS released after macOS 11 Big Sur is released is currently the only possible answer. (This isn't a promise though as it will also depend on timing of the new OS and the FNMS version released after it...)


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I see it is available for developers as of now. So I just want to quickly know if they see any compatibility issue and if we need a new version after Big Sur Release?
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Preliminary Flexera internal testing against macOS Big Sur beta releases has not found any issues to date running FlexNet inventory agent versions 2019 R2 (14.0) and later on Intel hardware, and at this point it isn't expected this OS version will be difficult to claim support for once it is released.

It would be interesting to hear how many organizations are planning on deploying macOS to ARM hardware to assess the level of interest in adding this platform.

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