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Mac clients minor MacOS updates recreates inventory device and agent history is lost


We are running the latest on-prem Mac agents and FNMS server. We have odd thing going on. Each time Mac OS is updated, FNMS recreates the Inventory Device. In 5 days, 20% of the agents reports as "new" device and history is lost. Impossible to track anything and keep things up. Even if the Minor numbers are changed, its "new" like from 13.2.0 update to 13.2.1. Do we have some sort of configuration issue in our env?

(2) Replies

Just check if after OS update. Serial number of device also gets changed. That could be reason for coming as new device.

This is JAMF related issue in FNMS - to be ticketed. Serials remain, so its not the problem source. This topic should be halted.