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Values for drop-down list custom property


I have a question regarding Custom Properties in FNMS.

When you create drop-down list custom property (UIFieldTypeID = 8) is it possible to define dynamic query to return selectable values? Or it is only possible to store static list of values?

The only documented way I could find was static list, explained in System Reference PDF. But if I look at [dbo].[UIItem_MT] table I can see that available fields might support more complex solution, as I can see FromTable, SelectName, WhereClause columns, just not sure what the purpose of those?


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Re: Values for drop-down list custom property

Custom drop down list properties only support a static list of values.

If you wanted to have a dynamic list of values where the list doesn't change too often and you are using FlexNet Manager Suite On-premises (not Cloud), then you could possibly look at putting some regular process in place to update the static list that is configured in the database. However it would be important to ensure that once a value is added to the list it is never removed - if a value in the list is used on a record but subsequently removed then things could get messy.
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