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Software metering SCCM

We import our inventory data from SCCM. For some applications we see the usage information (through License -> consumption -> Device License details report), but for other applications we don't see any usage information. 

Does this usage data come from the metered applications in SCCM? Or can you configure it somewhere else? 

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I think the community platform's search engine already pointed you in the right direction here, did you check the article that it highlights as the first related resource?


Please don't hesitate to elaborate on your questions if it doesn't answer these in sufficient detail.


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Thank you John. I was so busy typing that I missed it completely. 
I may have found why we don't see any usage information for some apps. But I'll have to check it tomorrow to be sure. 

I'll keep you informed


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I've read the article, but I still can't figure something out. 

In my example, we've 2 software's, who both don't have file evidence, but installer evidence. For 1 usage is detected (NVIVO), for the other (Docker Desktop) no usage is detected. Even when I ran the queries as mentioned in the article, both software's gave an empty result. Both software's  aren't installed from SCCM. 

In SCCM I've added a rule to perform software metering for "docker desktop.exe" and gave some results back (see screenshot1). For "nvivo.exe" I've net set up a rule in SCCM. 

My question: Why can I see the software usage for NVIVO (see screenshot 2), but not for Docker Desktop (see screenshot 3)? 

We are using FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1


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Level 15 Flexeran

@vicky_pelgroms - With the Asset Intelligence feature of SCCM, there are applications (primarily installed via MSI) where the Last Used Date is mapped all the way back to the MSI Package which comes into FNMS/ITAM associated with Installer Evidence and there is no EXE/File Evidence.

The view in the SCCM database named  v_GS_CCM_RECENTLY_USED_APPS will have rows of data where the Last Used Date is associated only with Installer Evidence, the File Evidence/Data will be blank.  See the screen shot below from the reference KB Article which highlights this.

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