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Software baseline

I'm trying to set up a baseline . 

I entered a separate record for the baseline, which only shows the purchases. e.g. 990 licenses with purchase date of 1/1/2017

Then I created a separate record for the software maintenance, since this was a 3 year maintenance with purchase date of 1/1/2017. 

When I initially entered the above as 1 record, it tripled the licenses, which is why I split the license from the maintenance. 

I want to do this as a baseline, since I don't want older purchases included, since we don't have all the data entered into Flexera and don't want to go back that far in this effort. 

This then disabled all the maintenance since I'm assuming it's the same date. 

So I changed the baseline to 12/31/2016, and then got a gap in maintenance error message. 

I change the baseline back to 1/1/2017, and then enabled the maintenance manually. But when the reconciliation ran again, it disabled them all again. 

How do I get this working? 

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@schilnr :

The concept of a "Baseline" purchase is that it represents a baseline of all historical purchases made up to that point of time  - based on the Purchase Order Date of the baseline purchase.

Therefore, any additional Purchase records that you link to the same software license where the PO Date of the new line is Less Than Or Equal To the PO Date of the baseline purchase will be ignored by FlexNet Manager.  In your case, the extra Maintenance Renewal you are trying to bring in has the same PO Date as the Baseline Purchase and will therefore be ignored.

If you want to have a BaseLine Purchase and then associate Maintenance with the baseline purchase, there are two options:

Option A - Just create the Baseline Purchase item and add the maintenance to the baseline purchase.  Set the "Includes Maintenance" check box and set the Effective/Expiration Date of the maintenance for the Baseline purchase.

Option B - Create the Baseline purchase without the maintenance as you have already done.  Create a separate purchase record for the Maintenance Renewal, but you must set the PO Date of this renewal to the day after the Baseline purchase item.  You can then set the Effective Date of the purchase renewal to match the PO Date of the Baseline.

Note that any other purchase that you link to the license where the PO Date is Greater Than the PO Date of the original Baseline purchase will be included by FNMS (including additional Baseline purchases).


So that works for invoices where they have all the same maintenance dates. 

We have some that were co-termed with this invoice, and the dates are different. 

So I guess I need to create a separate PO where all the maint dates agree. So I may have 3 POs in Flexera, for 1 actual PO. 

That works. 

thanks for the quick response

Great clarification, Kclausen! Thanks for posting this.