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Setting up FNM to calculate IBM PVU sub-capacity licensing

I would like to configure IBM sub-capacity licensing in FNM for IBM WebSphere MQ PVU.

The documentation says to set IBM PVU scanning in FNM settings and deploy the FlexNet agent to the Hyper-V servers.  FNM is calculating PVU consumption based on the host hardware and not the VM itself so we are overconsuming our PVU license. 

Is it possible to configure FNM so it calculates consumption of the VM and not the host without setting affinity rules? The VMs are clustered move from server to server.

Thanks, Steve  

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Flexera Alumni

@FoxholeSteve - If you open up your PVU License, go to the Use Rights tab, and then scroll down to the Rights on Virtual Machines section, you will see a selection to have FNMS calculate PVU consumption at the sub-capacity level rather than full capacity for virtual machines and hosts.