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Which Application or Product must be linked with these Licenses to calculate consumption? (Publisher - Veeam)

Dear team, 

Please advise which Application/Product must be linked with below Licenses to calculate consumptions, as of now it says License is not linked to any Product or Application.

1.  License Name Veeam Availability Suite Universal Instance  | Recognized SKU P-VASVUL-0I-SU1YP-00 | SKU Description - Veeam Availability Suite Universal License - Upfront Billing License (1 year) + Production Support - 10 Instances

2.  License Name Veeam Availability Suite Universal Product Specific | Recognized SKU -P-VASVUL-0I-PP000-00 | SKU Description - Veeam Availability Suite Universal 10 Instance License incl. 1 Year Production 24/7 Support (Government) (Incl. Enterprise Plus features)

Additionally, can Flexera FNMS 2022 R1 perform the  compliance of  above products?

Best regards,


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You may have to install the software on a reference device to check which evidence is left, and then create an application based on this evidence.

  1. This seems to be a device based SKU so if you succeed getting it uniquely linked to an application you should be able to get FNMS to calculate a compliance position.
  2. This seems to be a custom metric based SKU so you will have to manually update its consumption in FNMS based on how it's being consumed. (It's unclear to me which metric it's based on...)

You can obviously contact Flexera Support and request the content team to update the product use rights and link it to the evidence, if you uniquely identified this during this exercise.


By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

I agree, if this is a Veeam Universal License (VUL), different objects are counted for different workloads (e.g. VM, cloud instance, database, application, physical server, laptops/workstations, GBs of unstructured data). In that case, there's like no actual application to be found.

Dear @mfranz @JohnSorensenDK  - 

Thank you for your response.

Dear Members - Appreciate your advise - in such a case how can one effectively manage Veeam License compliance via FNMS? Do you have any experience with Managing Veeam License Compliance on Flexera FNMS? 
Any integrations / APIs / Queries for automation? 
Thank you!