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Licenses with Bundles calculation


Multi-product (bundle) license consumption is not complex, but optimal calculation is really complex.

Fnms have detailed its algoritm for this calculation (see "License compliance calculations (especially for bundles)"). But as written in the example, result may be not optimal: 2 licenses are consumed when one is enough.

Current algorithm is solving most of the cases in a linear and not too many time consuming process. But it is not optimal, first phase is ignoring priority of order licenses in each application, and gives too much priority at the number of primary products. Then:

For advanced customers: be aware of this point (including for IBM & Oracle) and sometimes you can save licenses with manual allocation...

For Flexera: you should improve your algorithm, even if it takes more times (more phases).

PS: another issue, all freeware applications should be deleted in all bundles.


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