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Root element is missing error

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I just started getting an error that the Root Element is missing while loading the beacon service. Any ideas?


We are running 2018 R1 on Prem


Thank you

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Can you elaborate on where you are seeing this error, and what other context surrounds it? If it appears in a log file, what details is there? If it is appearing in a UI somewhere, maybe post a screenshot.

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Issue seemed to be tied to a corrupted business adapter. Deleted the adapter and error went away.

I am getting same issue as shown is screen shot while opening beacon, I am using 2019 R1 version on-premise.

I have removed and re-install beacon again but same issue. Not sure what's the issue is.


Can someone please help me to fix the issue?


Best regards,


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Did you recently create a new business adapter or change one? If so, I would delete that and see if it fixes your issue. Mine was related to a bugged business adapter.

Yes I was created some business adapters, I moved the .xml files of Business Adapters to another folder which fixed my issue, the Beacon now has started.

Thanks a lot for your quick help!

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