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Installation issue in Flexera Kubernetes Inventory Agent


I have downloaded the krm 1.6.0 and started the installation process.
When i am executing the command 
./ --registry <our artifactory url> 

I am getting below error
creating namespace
error: no objects passed to apply

Can anybody help on what i am missing?

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hi ,

Any input from anyone here?


Based on the command that you provided, It looks like you do not have the parameters configured correctly for either a scripted or a manual installation. Are you performing a scripted installation with a configured deployment.yaml file? 

If you are performing a scripted installation, then I do not believe that the '--registry' parameter is required. 
If you are performing a manual installation, there are additional parameters that are needed for the installation. You can find the parameters, and details about them,  listed in the Gathering FlexNet Inventory guide

The mandatory parameters for manual install are: 

./install/ --registry 
                     --inventory-interval 6h 
                     --stdout > configured.yaml


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Actually i am installing full kubernetes agent (krm)and not lwk agent for the installation steps that you have mentioned.
The documentation i have referred is