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Dear Community,

 I have been working on customizing the roles in my UAT instance. I made some changes to the default "Operator" role and reverted them. All the changes were reflected as expected. The issue was when I brought it back to default.

Default being: "Configure operators of FlexNet Manager Platform" and "Troubleshooting: advanced access and log downloads" set to "Disallow" in Administration. "Change operator roles" set to "Disallow" in "Roles" and everything else had Full access.

Before making changes:

I was able to see the "Accounts" option and the "FlexNet Manager Suite License" with the "Operator" role under the gear icon on the right top corner.

After bringing it back to what it was:

I don't see the above options.

I can't seem to figure out which one of my changes caused this. I know they are visible if I allow the role to Configure operators of FlexNet Manager Platform, but that's not how it was before and I was still able to view them. Is there anything else that might be causing this?

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Best Practice is to leave the out-of-the-box Roles that come with the product as they are and do not modify them.

If you need something different, you can create your own Roles that are customized to your business requirements.

 Sure, @kclausen 
While customizing a role, is there a way to have the manual reconciliation disabled for a role?

Hi @sanbeam 

You can disabled the option to be able to perform business imports or manually start reconciles by changing the permissions on the 'Data inputs: business and inventory imports' section when configuring a custom role, please see the screenshot below.


Any questions please let me know.

Thank you, @sjackson. Is there a document or an article that I can refer to that talks about the access levels for roles and customization?

@sanbeam - Yes, there is information on Security Roles in the On-Line Help:

Hi @kclausen, I find that the Online help page does not include detailed information on the built-in roles such as role names and descriptions. Is there anywhere to find that information?

@dattruongmanh - The built-in roles are not specifically documented, but you can infer what they do from their Name.  If you are an FNMS/ITAM Administrator, you can also click on the Edit link for one of these roles and see the detailed security settings that are defined for each role.


I would like to use the out of the box roles, but they are not selectable in the drop down when assigning a role in FNMS.    It doesn't seem right to have to create all the roles for them to show up in the drop down for assigning the role.  How do I make the out of the box roles selectable?


I see instructions that say "The Roles tab on the Accounts page displays an alphabetical list of available roles that can be assigned to accounts." but when I open the Roles tab, there are only 5 of the out of the box roles showing for selection.

@kolson1 - The five roles that you see when you access the Roles tab are the pre-built ones that are out-of-the-box with FNMS.  From the Roles tab, you can add as many custom Roles as needed for your own business needs.

Thanks for your response.  It is great that we can add custom roles, but what about other pre-built roles we were told were selectable to assign as additional roles? 

Here is what we were told would be available: org_owner, enterprise_manager, billing_center_admin, billing_center_reviewer, di_viewer, di_admin, policy_viewer, policy_manager, policy_approver, policy_designer, policy_publisher, ss_end_user, ss_designer, ss_observer, iam_admin, ab_admin, ab_end_user, vis_viewer, vis_exports_viewer, vis_exports_admin, fsm_admin, fsm_catalog_read_only, fsm_license_admin, fsm_product_admin, fsm_read_only, fsm_security_user, sa_viewer and a couple more I cannot think of right now.

How do I assign any of these roles without recreating them? 

@kolson1 - Those other roles that you have listed are for the Flexera One Platform and are separate from the roles you see that are specific to FNMS Cloud.  You will only see those other roles if you are an Administrator within the Flexera One user interface.  These control access to the other applications within the Flexera One Platform (SaaS Management, Cloud Cost Optimization, etc.)

Thank you so much for your quick replies.  I shared that help in the community has been beneficial and much appreciated.

Ok, what I am seeing makes more sense.  I am administrator for both and trying to set up roles.  Unfortunately, FNMS is not yet incorporated into our production instance of the Flexera One Platform so I am trying to set up both.  Any chance you know the ETA around FNMS being integrated into Flexera One so I won't have to duplicate work?

Thanks again,


@kolson1 - Please check with your Customer Success Manager about a timeline for your transition from FNMS Cloud to Flexera One.  Existing customer are being moved in different "waves".

If you do not have a CSM, please check in with your Flexera Account Manager.

Will do, thanks!!