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Resource impact to SCCM database from the FlexeNet Manager integration

We are looking to adjust the start time of our SCCM integration to an much earlier time.  The SCCM team does not really want to do this as they are cautious about the SCCM PROD environment.  We need to provide actual data to make this decision.  The MS-SQL support team stated they can monitor the queries but need to know what the queries are in order to understand the load (helps them identify the exact resource consumption).

What queries are ran as part of this integration?  What is the expected resource consumption on the database server?  Are there particular logs on the MS-SQL database that would help identify the connection and resource consumption?

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@king_nolan - From your post, it seems like you are ALREADY connecting to SCCM, you are just moving it to an earlier time.

Therefore, your SCCM/SQL Server resources should already be able to monitor the impact during the current scheduled extracts - correct?

Correct.  SQL team has asked what the queries are so they can monitor and check logs.  They sent the below pic as what they could see at the start time of our integration.

2022-05-20 09-52-31_Window.jpg

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The queries executed against the SCCM database are contained with XML configuration files in the following directory on the server that is used to connect to SCCM: C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\ImportProcedures\Inventory\Reader\SMS

In particular, the readers in these files that have a type of as "ExecuteOnSource" or "SourceToTarget" are executed against the SCCM database.

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