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Reconciliation not working

Hi. I have migrated from on-prem to cloud. When my system was on-prem, the reconciliation was working well. But since the migration it is getting stuck on the following step: 
"Update the step with execution ID: 992866, EventTypeID: 183, StepID: 3, EventID: 21370960,"

I have increased the timeout, have also changed the schedule for the reconciliation job to manual. But still when I run it over again, it gets stuck on the same step.
Any idea what is going on here?

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Your DB migration was successful or did you face any warnings or error while doing that. 

DB Migration was successful. I did not get any warning or error there. 

can you share some more error.  What are you seeing in logs.

Refer below article for logs reference.

Hi. I am adding a screenshot of the last few entries of the logs for your reference. 

Please refer screenshot & verify.

I cannot see anything obviously wrong with the logging you are seeing here - this logging looks fairly normal to me. Can you elaborate on what your question about this logging is? Are you seeing some problem that you think this logging may be related to?

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Actually, the reconciliation is not working since a lot of days. When I started the reconciliation manually on 18th May, it started and got stuck on the step which is visible in the log file. Since then, it is stuck there and not moving forward. Due to this the data is not getting updated in the tool.

So, I just shared the last log entry which says something like "eventTypeID 183" and I am unable to figure out why is my reconciliation not working. It just gets stuck on this particular step whenever I run it.

By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

You should consider opening a support case and share the complete context and log files with support.