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IBM CloudPak Report not showing "old" installations

Hi folks,

I have a question regarding the IBM Cloud Pak Reports. Following scenario:

  • Q4 2023 - Device A has 4 IBM Products installed, the calculation of the peak consumption (e.g. 20) is correct
  • Q1 2024 - On device A, 2 of the 4 Products will be removed, calculation of the current and peak consumption (e.g. 10) for this quarter is correct

Now the strange think: If I execute the report for Q4 last year, the peak consumption (20) is shown correctly and the device A appears in the report as expected. BUT I can only see the 2 remaining products actually installed on the device.

Expectation: If I have look in a historical report, I would expect that I can see not only the peak consumptions but a the products which produced this peak as well

Does anyone know if this working like designed?



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Dear "Henselmann",

Yes, this is working as designed.

If FlexNet Manager Suite is configured for 'PVU mode' or 'high frequency mode' by enabling IBM high frequency scanning, any devices having IBM products installed that are linked to an IBM PVU license are not removed completely.

For the "data retention period" - a rolling time window (180 days by default) configured under "Keep historical data for nn days, under System Settings > Licensing > IBM sub-capacity calculation settings", some data of the inventory device are kept.

Instead of deleting the data, the Inventory device is moved into the "Archived" state, and becomes visible in the "Discovery & Inventory > Inventory > Archived Inventory" view in the FNMS UI only.

Devices in the "Archived" state can contribute to IBM PVU license consumption calculations. However, detailed information about applications installed on these devices is not available anymore.

Thx for your answer, but the device is not in the archive. This is an active device and the retention period is set to the maximum. So why can't I see the 4 products in the Q4 report? 

Hi Max,

in the FNMS online help, on the "Relationships Between Consumption Fields" document, there is a flow chart explaing the calculation of license consumption in FNMS in detail.

In the lower part of this diagram (step #6a), you can see that for active eligible devices listed on an IBM PVU license, the historical sub-cap is calculated.

The result of this historical sub-capacity calculation is copied in to the "Consumed entitlements" field.

Hope this helps?