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Re-instate the Workaround field in the Known Issues reports

The pdf editions of the Known Issues reports used to include the very useful Workaround field. When these reports moved to html, this field was removed.  Can this be re-instated?
For example, here are the published Known Issues for FNMS 2019 R1 on-premises:


P.S. - Documentation should be an available label.

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Hi Swannd

I found that the format changed because we changed how documents are generated. The Known Issues are now linked to Engineering tickets.

You can still find a workaround from the new Known Issues page. If a known issue has publicly disclosed workaround details, then they now appear in an individual article associated with the known issue. This is a more flexible way of presenting the information instead of trying to include workaround text in a table format.

As an example, see the following article:
Known Issue: Details about files named java.exe are not included in inventory gathered from Windows computers unless the PerformOracleJavaAuditScan agent preference is set to TRUE (IOK-1060108)

I believe the last known issues pages with workaround are, for On-Prem 2021 R1 and Cloud 2021 R1.3.
These pages are not maintained or updated with newly found unresolved issues but can be used as a snapshot of known issues at a point in time back in 2021.

I understand that only some known issues have associated articles and workaround details. If you are looking for a workaround for a specific issue that does not have workaround details published, please consider posting in this forum to gather insights from other people who may know how to handle it, or raise a case with Flexera Support for guidance.

Hi mtakahashi,

Thanks for the links to the FNMS 2021R1 Resolved and unresolved issues. As these links are not listed in the version specific release page, I didn't realise they existed; however I am very pleased to have them. I do like this format as it is a very quick way to scan through the issues and get some more detail. Also thanks for pointing out the links included in the Known Issues to any published Community article - I hadn't considered that capability.

FWIW - the Known Issues lists were always linked to Engineering tickets; the reports were generated from the Jira tickets. The Workaround field could be populated while creating or investigating a bug. Customers did not need to post an additional request for this occur. I guess this change is part of promoting community contributions.