Oracle Unknown editions in License Compliance reports


I am looking for some solutions for Oracle unknown editions.
Whenever, I generate compliance balance, I see loads of Oracle unknown editions.
I checked with my DBA and he confirmed that Enterprise editions are running on those servers.

Issue is....Why FNMS is not able to report Edition name..?
However, I can see Version number of Oracle in all reports.

can somebody help me to resolve this issue in FNMS?
Is it a technical issue from Flexera or
Is there any problem with our DB (uCMDB)?

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Re: Oracle Unknown editions in License Compliance reports

Hi Gaurav,

Where editions are reported as "unknown" or "unspecified" it is usually because there is software inventory for a device, but no Oracle inventory. Oracle inventory is required to recognize the edition, so until that is available the "unspecified" editions alert you to likely databases that need to be scanned.

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Oracle Inventory

Can you elaborate on 'oracle inventory'? Is this to mean that the oracle database is not being detected by the FNMS agent?
I'm running into the same issue as well but want to make sure I fully understand the challenge.

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Oracle inventory is special

Generally, in order to collect all the detail you need for Oracle database licensing using FlexNet inventory, you need to collect both:

1) Hardware and software inventory, as usual.
2) Oracle inventory - connecting to the databases and gathering information about edition, users, and usage of options and management packs.

If you see "unspecified" or "unknown component" when dealing with databases, it generally means something has gone wrong with the Oracle inventory process.

Note: significant improvements were made starting in FNMS 2015 R2 to allow gathering of Oracle inventory by the FlexNet Inventory Agent and FlexNet Inventory Scanner - so if you are on an older version, you can really streamline gathering Oracle inventory by considering a newer version.
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