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A security hotfix has been released for FlexNet Manager Suite (FNMS) version 2023 R1 and is available in the Product License Center (PLC).

Name: 2023 R1 On-Premise Hotfix 2

This hotfix contains updated binaries which are to be installed on the FNMS Presentation Server (or application server if using a single-server deployment). To install the hotfix please follow instructions in the ReadMe.txt of the download package. 

This hotfix resolves the following security-related issues:

  • IOK-1069556 - SQL Injection (Reports > License Compliance > IBM PVU License Consumption)
  • IOK-1072870 - CSV Injection (Reports > License Compliance > IBM PVU License Consumption)
  • IOK-1073091 - CSV Injection (Discovery & Inventory > Oracle Instances)
  • IOK-1065567 - Asset enterprise group change history may appear against other tenant if both tenants has same enterprise groupexid
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