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SQL server Unknown components in Compliance Balance from FNMS


I am looking for some solutions for SQL unknown components for Servers and Work stations.
Whenever, I generate compliance balance, I see a number of SQL Server unknown editions.
I checked with my DBA and he confirmed that Enterprise editions are running on those servers
and for some Unknown editions on Severs, SQL was free....
it was part of bundled product (with MSDN or some other products)

Issue is....Why FNMS is not able to report Edition names for SQL servers..?

can somebody help me to resolve this issue in FNMS?
Is it a technical issue from Flexera or
Is there any problem with our DB (uCMDB)?

As per my undestanding, FNMS is very simple tool which fetches SQL data automatically
or Is there any other technical glitch?

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Hi Gaurav

We are running v9.2.3 currently and hoping to upgrade to v2015 R2 later this year, but we also are having issues with FNMP recognising SQL Server Enterprise on some servers. It has been recognised on most, but on a small number of servers it is unable to determine what the edition is.
I have a support case open which I am led to be is a known issue within my current version and currently trying an older version of the FNMP agent.
It seems to be an issue where our DBA's have deployed multiple versions of SQL Reporting Services on the same server which is conflicting with the recognition rules expected.