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No accessable Beacon found. Verify access



I'm trying to install the agent 2020 R1 on the different OS machine. However, I am getting the error that "No accessable Beacon found. Verify access".

I have tried same file on the one of the windows machine, the installation was successful but after that getting above error on all flavors of OS.

Can anyone suggest what I'm missing here?

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@x-dkshasau - It sounds like for the Windows Platform, you are successfully configuring the MGSSETUP.INI bootstrap file with the URL of a beacon server.

For Linux, there is a separate bootstrap file named mgfst_rollout_response that is in Linux format.  Have you updated the Linux Bootstrap file with the URL of a beacon server?

Hi @kclausen , 

The bootstrap file for Linux is updated with all the Beacon URL's. however, it is not getting installed on the machines.


Also, for the Windows machines, it is not getting installed. Do I need to change something on the Beacon side?

@x-dkshasau - In your initial post, you had said that the agent installation on Windows was successful, but in your new post you are saying that the Windows Install was not successful.

Your best way to troubleshoot is to look at the Log Files generated by the agent.

On Linux, the Log Files are found in /var/opt/managesoft/log

On Windows, the Log Files are placed into the TEMP folder of the user installation account.  For a quick way to navigate to the log files, log into the server as the Install Account.  Launch File Explorer.  In the “path” at the top of the screen, type in “%TEMP%” and press ENTER.  Then, navigate to the “ManageSoft” folder.  If the WIndows Agent is installed by the local SYSTEM account, the log files are found in c:\windows\temp\managesoft