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Restricting Access to Custom Reports in FNMS


I am interested in understanding if it’s possible to limit the report results to only the Enterprise groups that users are permitted to access according to their User Roles. This restriction is functioning as expected on Out-Of-the-Box (OOB) reports that come by default with FNMS. However, I am curious to know if the same data restriction can be applied to custom reports that we build.

To provide an example scenario: Users are restricted to view data from only specific Enterprise groups in FNMS. This restriction is effectively applied for OOB reports and other view available in FNMS Web UI. However, when a custom report is built, the same restriction does not seem to apply. As a result, users can view all data, irrespective of the Enterprise group restriction.

Any insights or suggestions on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Community Manager

See the solution marked on the following thread for information about this topic: Custom Report Access for an Individual User

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Hi @ChrisG , Thanks for your response.

Is it possible to restrict infomation and reports if we create sperate tenants. Will users from one tenant can see data/reports of another tenants ?
what are the pre-requisites for having such setup ?

Thank you.


Please will you elaborate a bit on what you mean by separate tenants? E.g., are you evaluating using multiple Flexera One orgs or are you asking in context of an on-premises implementation of FNMS?