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Limiting Access to FNMS

How are other companies limiting access to FNMS? We currently only allow access to our Software Asset Management Team, at their request. We had issues with previous tools where other teams mis-interpreted the information, or shared it with vendors inappropriately.

As time goes on, we are getting more requests from other teams who want access, generally for legitimate business reasons. Any suggestions for how to share information safely?

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Hello @tomasont ,

In Flexera you have the option to create roles, on very granular level. You need to define who and where do they need access, for example I have one customer where we defined this on very granular level. So the persons that work with inventory and need to know about inventory, have access only on the inventory part  read only, other parts as contracts, vendors, po, are disable and not allow to see it.

It's on the account -> Role -> Create a new role


There you can defines the roles, after you defined the role, you can grant access to users based on roles