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Need for AD Import in an untracked domain

By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

At one of my customers we are currently performing the AD Import from the beacon into 4 domains. The SAM team doesn't care about the users in one of the domains from a license tracking standpoint and we are not performing any remote or agent inventory/discovery in that domain. Is there a true need to perform an AD import from every domain in a network if there isn't a business requirement?

We have 21,000 users in this domain that the SAM team does not need to know about but are being imported into the tool. I am weighing the pro's and cons of disabling this import and looking for any use cases for or against this thought process.



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@dbeckner - Having this additional data is not really causing any issues.  There is no impact to your FlexNet License - you can have as many Users in the system as you want.

What you really need to consider is that while you could update the Beacon Settings and remove the connection to this Domain, the information from this Domain has already been imported into FlexNet Manager.  This includes both the Users and the "Sites and Subnets".  While a Business Adapter could update those 21,000 Users to a status of "Inactive", there is not an easy way to clean up the Sites and Subnets except through the User Interface.

Thanks @kclausen The concern is not for the FlexNet Manager license, but for User CALs for COTS products. I think we have found a better solution though. Rather than attempting to get our total number of users under the All Users management view to be perfect, we focused on getting the corporate unit mapping correct. Then the SAM team can allocate User CALs based on a filter of users who's corporate unit is not empty.