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Active Directory members imported by FlexNet does not span domains

Using FlexNet on prem 2023 R2:
I have created a report in FlexNet that should display all users in an Active Directory group.  The report is simple enough but the results only show members of a specific group that are in the same domain as that group.  We have group members that span domains so we need to see group members that belong to a different AD domain than the group was defined in.   Querying AD directory through PowerShell  using PowerShell CmdLet:
Get-ADGroupMember -Identity my_group_name
 gives me ALL members across domains that belong to 'my_group_name'.  I also check the database directly and do not see members from other domains so the SQL query also shows single domain group members.

-- Members of an AD Group
from ActiveDirectoryGroup_MT adg
join ActiveDirectoryMember_MT adm on adm.ParentGroupGUID=adg.GUID
join ActiveDirectoryUser_MT adu on adu.GUID= adm.GUID
join userinfo ui on ui.SAMAccountName=adu.SAMAccountName
where = 'my_group_name'

Can someone confirm that the AD import for all domains will properly get group members across domains?

2024-01-26 13_02_00-Report Builder - FlexNet Manager Suite.png

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