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Duplicate task entries running for Flexnet manager suite

We observed that , two instances are running for inventory import & reconciliation . Could you please let me know how we can remove one task otherwise it is kind of bottleneck situation.

One more problem I just noticed , the Flexnet manager suite connector in app or batch server beacon UI . Whenever we try to open that connector & click the test connection , it gives the alert like  "Logon failed: The login is from untrusted domain & cannot be used with an windows authentication" . The moment we update the password it connects to the database server successfully but again it will show the same error if we close the beacon UI & launch this back. The strange part is , with this credential we can login to the server & even connect the compliance DB just fine. It only creates the connection issue with beacon UI. Could you please guide us?  

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Regarding the two instances of the Inventory Import & Reconciliation,  is it possible that you may have this defined twice in Task Scheduler?


yes , we did. One will run every day at 2 am & the other one will run at 12 am & then every after 10mins


Why are you running multiple instances of the Import / Reconciliation process?  One instance, run nightly, is enough.  The Reconciliation process is not designed to be run multiple times (i.e. "run at 12 am & then every 10mins")


And regarding the 2nd issue, are you opening the beacon UI as admin?

yes , that also we tried... but no luck. When we use the local a/c this works. Now my ask would be can we use the local a/c only for that connector?